Sizes:66 m²
Price Range:from 389,900.- €
Number of Rooms:2-4

389,900.00 € 389900.0 EUR 389,900.00 €

389,900.00 €

50.0000€ - 80.0000€

  • City Berlin
  • Availability
  • Rooms
  • Estate type

This combination does not exist.

City Berlin: Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf
Availability: rented out buy-to-let apartment
Rooms: 2 rooms
Estate type: Apartment


  • Superb transport connections.
  • Located in Western Berlin near Charlottenburg Palace
  • Built in 1983.
  • Building equipped with elevator, balcony, terrace.
  • Free or to let apartments with 2 to 4 rooms, 66 m²
  • Prices begin at €389.900


Welcome to one of the most beautiful quarters of Western Berlin WIN is superbly located within walking distance of the Charlottenburg Castle and its magnificent park and is even closer to the banks of the River Spree. Many major festivals and concerts take place here, as well as the renowned Palace Christmas Market. Many museums are also located in the immediate vicinity, such as the Museum Berggruen, The Bröhan Museum of Art Déco and Art Nouveau. This is a neighborhood that holds the entire gamut of art, culture and local recreation.

Across the bridge and just south of Mierendorffplatz sits the Österreichpark, a public green area that occupies a 200-metre stretch of the north bank of the River Spree. Within the park lies climbing rocks, a suspension bridge, an alpine chalet with a slide, ping-pong tables, a double swing, a water pump and a mud kitchen, offering multiple creative options for spending time in this wonderful park. North of the park lies a sports ground next to the protected historic Charlottenburg gymnasium.

In addition to the recreational benefits, WIN’s location is also characterized by excellent infrastructure. Various shopping venues such as supermarkets and specialist stores, schools and preschools, cafés and restaurants are all within walking distance and ensure a high quality of living.


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